Using Parted Magic

linux-penguinIf you need to manage partitions on any machine, this tool is for you.  Parted Magic is a Linux distro with the tools you need at your fingertips.

You can run it from a live-CD, but this article also describes how to make a Parted Magic USB stick.  We'll use Parted Magic to prepare a USB stick with the fat32 file system partition, and then we'll install Parted Magic on the newly created USB partition.

Visit the Parted Magic site to find out more, and to download the latest version.

Getting started

  1. Download cd Parted Magic 4.4.iso and burn a CD.
  2. Boot your hardware to the CD.
  3. Press Enter to begin with default settings.
  4. Your machine will now boot to desktop.


Prepare a USB stick

WARNING:  This procedure will wipe the USB stick.

  1. Double-click the Partition Editor icon on the desktop to start GParted.
  2. Select your USB stick from the drop-down box (eg /dev/sdb).
  3. Select and Delete all existing partitions.
  4. Select the Unallocated space, and click New.
  5. Set the Size to your preference (minimum 200 MB).
  6. Set the File System to Fat32.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Apply and confirm.
  9. Right-click on you newly created partition (eg /dev/sdb1), and choose Manage Flags.
  10. Select Boot and then Close the dialog box (this will make the partition bootable).


Installation to USB

  1. Click the icon bottom left and choose System Tools > Make Parted Magic USB.
  2. Ensure your new partition is selected (eg /dev/sdb1) and click OK.
  3. Click OK when the task is complete.



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