Installing Webmin on your web server

webServerToolsWebmin will ease administration of your web server.  It allows you to manage various aspects of your server via a web browser.  I used Ubuntu for this installation, but Webmin is supported on a wide variety of operating systems.

Visit the Webmin site for more information and to download the latest version.


Installation for debian-based systems

Log on to a terminal session on your web server.

  1. $ sudo apt-get install wget
  2. $ sudo apt-get install unzip
  3. $ sudo wget
  4. $ sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.620_all.deb


      If it doesn't install first time you can force dependancy installation with the following.

      • $ sudo apt-get install -f


      Installation for redhat-based systems

      Log on to a terminal session on your web server with a root account.

      1. yum install wget
      2. wget
      3. rpm --import
      4. yum install webmin-1.620-1.noarch.rpm


      Using Webmin

      You should now be able to log on to webmin with your web server user account.  You will need to add a certificate exception.

      • https://yourwebserverIP:10000/


      Thanks for visiting.