Configuring Raspbmc on your Raspberry Pi

raspberryPiOnce you've installed Raspbmc, you may need to make some initial configurations.  This article describes some of the settings that I generally make.

Visit the Raspbmc site for more information. 

Initial Settings

Once it's finished installing you will first need to choose your language.

Setting a static IP address

  1. Go to Programs Raspberry Pi > Settings.
  2. Deselect the Use DHCP radio button.
  3. Enter your Static IP address.
  4. Select Update now.
  5. And click Okay.


You may need to configure your Raspberry Pi audio output.  You have the choice of digital audio via the HDMI port, or analog audio through the audio jack.

  1. To setup audio go to System settings > System.
  2. Click Audio output.
  3. Choose your preferred option.


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