Configuring SAN storage for your backup server

backuppcIf you've built BackupPC using a virtual infrastructure you can use iSCSI storage for extra flexibility when allocating backup storage.  For this article I used an Openfiler RAID 5 storage.

Install new hard drive

  1. Create a new iSCSI volume in Openfiler.
  2. Connect to the new storage from your VMware ESXi host.
  3. Power down the backup server.
  4. In the vSphere client, choose Edit Settings for the backup server and add a new hard drive.
  5. Power up the backup server and login.
  6. Add the new hard drive, and mount it to /mnt/tmp.
    1. Formatting will take quite a while for a large drive.


Mount new drive


  1. sudo /etc/init.d/backuppc stop
  2. sudo cp -dpR /var/lib/backuppc/. /mnt/tmp
  3. sudo umount /mnt/tmp
  4. sudo mv /var/lib/backuppc /var/lib/backuppc.bak
  5. sudo mkdir /var/lib/backuppc
  6. Edit the fstab file to mount the new hard drive to /var/lib/backuppc
    1. sudo vi /etc/fstab
  7. sudo mount /var/lib/backuppc
  8. sudo chown backuppc:backuppc /var/lib/backuppc
  9. sudo /etc/init.d/backuppc start


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